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Get Away

Get Away: To travel to an exotic destination for the purposes of recreation, to escape from the daily grind, the mundane. Take a trip with our band on a journey that is out of the ordinary. For fifteen years, we have followed a musical path less traveled. Our roots are firmly planted in old-time music, but our branches extend in many directions. We formed a band with no musical boundaries, allowing exploration of musical influences outside the old-time music realm. With each new recording, we try and push the envelope a little further. This, our fifth recording, combines old-time, French Italian, Irish, and rock and roll genres with original pieces. Come along, join us on our "Get Away." The Mando Mafia 6/04.

Available for $16.00 (U.S.) including postage and packing from Pete Marshall, 1422 Gentry Lane, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 (USA).


Margarita Bill (Kelly Perdue)
Apeman (Ray Davies/The Kinks)
Jeff Sturgeon (Traditional)
All Around the Mountain (Traditional)
Power's Goldmine (Kelly Perdue)
Never Been So Lonely (Jordan Puryear/DirkPowell; lyrics: Rick Friend)
Waldorf's Reel/Kansas City Reel (Gus Meade/Traditional)
Little Bunny (Pete Marshall/Rick Friend)
Kokopelli's Flute (Dan Rublee)
Policeman/Woman of the House on the Floor (Traditional)
Going Back to Israel (June Drucker)
Yellow Barber/Brain Damage(Traditional; Roger Waters/Pink Floyd)
Crooks Brothers Tune/ Piney Woods Gal/Grub Springs (Traditional)
Get Away (Rick Friend)
Santa Maria Polka (Traditional)
Run Pony Run (Kelly Perdue)
Humeurs (Thierry Mirebeau)
Hanings's Farewell (Traditional)

Last Updated: August 10, 2007

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Mando Mafia