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What the print media said:

"Mando Mafia knows how to make listeners an offer they can't refuse: create a Phil Spectoresque Wall-of-Mandolin that embraces not only the obvious -- old-timey string band music from Appalachia, klezmer, bluegrass and polka -- but the surprising as well. As in rockabilly, calypso, polka and reggae -- which is why they've dubbed it 'global string band music.'"
...Richard Harrington, Washington Post

"[Get Up In The Cool] is the bandís most cohesive effort to date. Heck, this is as good as any mandolin project out there. Miss it a your own risk"
...Robert Buckingham, Bluegrass Unlimited

"(Get Away is) extremely nice...more than just a niche item and kept this reviewer grinning throughout."
...Ian Keary, fROOTS -- [full review]

"They have no problem grabbing material from any source that suits their fancy and placing their multi-talented stamp on it...The Mando Mafia is a treat to the ears...there is no precedent for this outfit and the horizons they see." ...Robert Buckingham, Bluegrass Unlimited

"Group of the year"
...Claude Vue, Trad Magazine, France

"...danceable, foot-tappable, unignorable and irresistible."

...Simon Mayor, Folk Roots Magazine (UK)

"The ensemble sound of this group is quite exhilarating...One of the band's trademarks is taking an old fiddle tune and transforming it into an ensemble situation with mandolins taking the lead, instead of the fiddle, and never letting the audience think for a second that it should be done any other way."
...Steve Gardner, MusicHound Folk: The Essential Album Guide

"(Mando Liniment) is one album I can't stop listening to. A must have for mando fans and anyone looking to expand their musical horizons."
...Tim Farrell, Bluegrass in Review Alberta, Canada -- [full review]

"It is exciting, well played music and recommended for anyone interested in old time American music"
...Graham McDonald, Canberra Times (Australia).

"AWESOME! ... I have never heard this much variety and innovation on one CD."
...Rock & Roll Dave, Breakthrough Connections

"...excellent musicianship. Go for it."
Cameron Nickels, Old-Time Herald, Durham NC

" played with skill and effervescence...This is an excellent presentation of string band music"
...Char R Leslie-Miller, Dirty Linen Magazine

"The Mando Mafia have made me a musical offer that I can't refuse!"
...John Baxter, editor & publisher, MandoZine, Campbell, California

"Mando Mafia play infectious happy feet music that practically drags you out of your chair and makes you dance...the musicianship is breathtakingly good"
...Cheryl Cline, Twangin' Magazine, California.

"They put all their heart into their playing and work hard to get the right sound...Kelly Perdue is a hot mandolin player with the fastest fingers in old-time music"
[full review]
...Julie Mangin, The Daily Clog, Silver Spring, Maryland

"These guys are good..."
...Jim Nelson, Old Time Herald

..."one of the area's hottest stringbands."
...Odell McGuire, The Rockbridge Advocate, Lexington, Virginia

"..overtones of Norman and Nancy(Blake)'s Mysterious Music from the Underground South album."
...Niles Hokkanen, Mandocrucian's Digest, Winchester, Virginia

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What they said -- radio:

"There is so much I like on your CD." Marika Partridge-Producer, NPR's 'All Things Considered'

"A wonderfully exuberant and diverse collection (Get Up In The Cool) of songs and tunes featuring (not surprisingly) the mandolin in some of its many forms. Fine musicianship and great arrangements."
... Bruce Cameron, 2MCE-FM, Bathurst, NSW Australia

"This recording (Take Two) is truly excellent..."
...Bernard Jean, Radio Sauvagine, Begles, France

1997 Top 10 recordings pick...Dan Maher, Northwest Public Radio

"I *love* the Mando Mafia" ...Doug Ezell, Yellowstone Public Radio, Billings, MT

"Very impressive!"
...Lee Bolton, WOBO radio, Cincinnati OH

" Way cool CD!(Mando Liniment) I love it!...I'm pronouncing this one a _hit_!...Great artwork, too. Front and back covers, booklet, a real quality package."
...Susan Madden, KBCS, Seattle, WA

" of the most delightful musical discoveries I've heard in a long time...I hear hundreds of albums every year, and this one (Take Two)caught my attention immediately as a real stand-out"
..., 'The Folk Tradition', WKAR Haslett, Michigan

"I stuck (the tape) in the tape deck while I made my lunch, and before long, things were literally boiling over on the stove as I became distracted by the music....I'm always delighted when I find this type of eclectic "happy feet" instrumental music ..."
..., WDIY-FM, Allentown PA

"I absolutely love it (Take Two)...Great band."
...Steve Gardner, WXDU, Durham NC

"I like it(Mando Liniment) a lot!" ...Chuck Taggart, KCRW, Santa Monica, CA

"It (Mando Liniment) really is good, and I love the artwork" Lewis Wills, WRFG, Atlanta, GA

"Thanks for the CD - you guys sound GREAT" ...Tina Owens, WMRA, Harrisonburg, VA

"I really like the new Mando Mafia CD." ...Frank Hoppe, KCSN, Northridge CA

"I saw you guys at Clifftop a few years ago. Lately, your two CDs have taken over the CD player in my car and refuse to get out. I continue to be blown away by the power and precision of your playing. Your choice of material is first-rate, and your arrangements bring out the best in the melody and showcase your formidable skills. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I really dig you guys. Thanks, Mando Mafia. You've made me a CD I can't refuse. Okay, that last line was forced, but you get the gist." ...Keith Dudding host, "Down Yonder" on KDHX 88.1 FM in St. Louis

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What they said -- presenters:

"It was a great concert. I really enjoyed it and you guys got a really good turn-out."
...Debbie Hutton, Program Chair, Folklore Society of Greater Washington

"We certainly want to have you back!!!!! ... I enjoyed your playing recentlly very much and always do."
Sarah Fulton, Coordinator, Friday Night Dances, Glen Echo MD

"..wonderful and inspiring performance...lots of very positive comments about your group....definitely an asset to our special event."
...Linda Wickline, Art by the James Festival, Buchanan, Virginia

"I'm real pleased that you'll be playing; it will add to the quality."
...Toni Williams, Rockbridge Mountain Music Convention, Buena Vista Virginia

"The weekend was a great success....much to the credit of the wonderful music. We look forward to seeing & hearing you again!"
...Cheryl Hemmer & Brent Skidmore Charlotte, NC, Gypsy Meltdown Dance Weekend

"Thanks so much to you and all the Mando Mafia for your generous contribution...Your music was stunning, as always."
...Dick Harrington Presenter, Literacy Live!

"I have to tell you that the Mando Mafia CD's you gave me last year are wonderful. I listen all the time."
...Pat Cowdery, Appalachian String Band Music Festival, Clifftop, WV.

"..some of the most powerful mando-music currently available without a prescription"
...Fred Boyce, Prism Coffeehouse, Charlottesville, Virginia

"I heard nothing but raves.."
...Suzanne Walker, Director, First Night, Charlottesville,Virginia

"These boys can really jam on some incredible tunes"
...Laura Light, Musician's Hunger Project

"Thanks again for the great music. It made working in the kitchen much more enjoyable."
...Becky Wilbur, The Environmental Education Center

"Last night, before I went to sleep, I found that your wedding march was running through my all were wonderful and helped make the night a joy...thanks for all your help..we hope to see you soon!"
...Mother of the Bride

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What they said -- other musicians:

"John Baxter (editor, Mandozine) played me your CD... sounded great. Keep up the good work."
... Mike Marshall (David Grisman Quintet, Psychograss, Anger-Marshall Band, Newgrange, etc )

"I will recommend you guys to any festival that asks and has the appropriate venue for you guys."
...Ray Alden, Producer "The Young Fogies" series

"Mando Mafia are an inspiration to all players and lovers of mandolin music the world over, and are to be commended on their adventurous forays into the "world" of folk traditions"
... Butch Baldassari, Nashville Mandolin Ensemble, Mandolin Quarterly

"I'm enjoying the CD in my kitchen. Helps me loosen up after work!!"
...Chad Crum, the Hix

"Flatworld has been recorded by quite a few people now and your setting is by far the nicest"
...Andy Cutting, composer

"the best highway music goin'!"
...Ted Porter, Big Blow and the Bushwackers

"a most excellent recording (Mando Liniment). Nice selection of tunes, great arrangements and well recorded."
...Chirps Smith, Volo Bogtrotters

"enjoyed the hell out of it (Mando Liniment). Great playing and good sound. Interesting tunes, too."
...Roger Landes

'I love your cd' ...Beverly Smith, Big Hoedown

'You sounded great in the contest. Congrats!... I'll be playing your CD on the radio lots.' ...Wayne Erbsen

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Last Updated: October 4, 2015

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